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Salt Rock Hotel
59 Basil Hulett Drive
Salt Rock
South Africa

Tel: 032 525-5025
Fax: 032 525-5071

16th Feb to 18th Feb 2018
Debbie McCort
Lovely stay thank you.

Meg Meeding
Stembilhe was an excellent help with our children
16/02 to 18/02/2018
Wonderful break
13/02 to 18/02 / 2018
Colin and Evonne Chapman
Enjoyed stay
09/02 to 19/02/ 2018
Lionel Kelly
Holidays to remember - great views, friendly staff and Management. Our compliments to the chef's for the appertising buffet/ food served.
13/02 to 14/02
Gavin and Jill Phillips
Excellent thank you.
14/02 to 18/02
Dale Parker
Really enjoyabl;e with friendly staff, great food and awesome views Thank you!
21st to 22nd October 2017
Mr & Mrs Venter\
Best place ever!!!
19th to 22nd October 2017
Mr & Mrs Janse Van
Lovely getaway for 3 days enjoyed every moment.
13th to the 15th Oct 2017
Miss E,Solomon
It's a beautiful hotel with breathtaking views
11th to 15th Oct 2017
Miss Visser
Loved it here. Will come back..... thank you
13th to 15th October
I absolutely love this place. So does my children - thank you.
13/10/2017 to 15/10/2017
Mr.D.Van Niekerk
Wow!! Experience we will never forget.
9th to 13th July 2017
Mr.Anthony Thomas
Our first visit as a tour group (10 pax) and very impressed. I will be back.
6th to 9th July 2017
As usual we enjoyed the friendly hospitality during the course of our stay.
5th to 7th May 2017
Mr & Mrs.Pillay
Compliments to the chef and kitchen staff. My wife is a vegetarian and they provided an additional dish for her. The view from our balcony with its palm trees resembles a tropical island.
Stan Larkan
Always a pleasant stay and relaxing . Thanks Craig for Palm fruit - New Experience.
05/05 to 07/05/2017
Mr and Mrs Pillay
Compliments to the chef and kitchen staff. My wife is a vegetarian and they provided an additional dish for her. The view from our balcony with its palm trees resembles a tropical island.
April 2017
Tara Sparnon
Wonderful place!! Love this hotel, will be back soon!
23/04 - 30/04
Mr/s Nichas
We enjoyed our stay very much, good service, very good food. Will be coming back soon.
27/04 - 01/05
Ms D.Baron
Great Stay..... love the hotel staff and view.
27th - 1st May 2017
Mr/s Ditchfield
Great evening entertainment by the Tequila Brothers. 2) Enjoyed live entertainment Sat Evening and Sunday Lunch.
17th April to 21st April 2017
Irene Spath
Absolutely wonderful. You will see us again. Thank you!!
13/4 to 18/04
Holiday programme - fun for the kids great if the weather is not too good. My kids loved making their mad hatter hats.
13/04 to 20/04
Had a very relaxing stay. Staff were amazing
12/4 to 20/4
Very enjoyable holiday. Very helpful and friendly staff.
15th April 2017
Werner Henning
Excellent Holiday !! Excellent service from reception & Siva !
7th to 10th March 2017
Thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The atmosphere was/is amazing. Deep gratitude for wonderfully friendly and helpfull staff.
24th to 26th Feb 2017
Pam Bayvel
Can't wait to return
24th to 26th Feb 2017
Mark Skezi
Informative. A lovely stay
3rd to 7th Feb 2017
Louis and Caroline Gerke
One does not need to look outside South Africa for a holiday, when one can stay at Salt Rock Hotel.!!
4th to 11th Feb 2017
Staff were excellent. Especially Nichelle @ reception and Ragani
2nd to 4th February 2017
Gaynor Wood
Had a wonderful time. Thanks to all the staff.
2nd to 4th February 2017
Jenny Futcher
Reservation to the end of our stay we had excellent service.... especially Nichelle at Front desk.
28th Jan to 31st Jan 2017
Alan Richardson
Being in and around the hotel in the last 20 days has been a real pleasure. Staff have been unfailingly helpful and friendly.
3rd to 7th January 2017
Ingrid Borgvelt & Peter Burden our first choice for a holiday get away. Wonderful to see familiar , friendly staff again. A good sign when staff stay. Thanks to Debbie and Cleaverence.
2nd to 7th Jan 2017
Very happy with great stay, once again.
26th Dec to 4th Jan 2017
Heather Tomain - Marois
Had a fabulous holiday. Great accommodation, amenities, food and service. Thank you, hope to visit again very soon!
1st to 9th Jan 2016
Tanya Stroud
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Excellent service and food.... thank you.
18th to 23rd December 2016
Renzo Scalio
Really good stay
6th to 13th November
It is time to find a new internet provider.
7th No to 10th Nov 2016
Excellent very helpful in every way
20th to 23rd Nov 2016
The staff were amazing...... thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25th to 28th November 2016
Matias Schultz (Chile)
Excellent staff!! Friendly!! Confgratulations!
13th Nov to 20th Nov
Patricia Carvey
Salt Rock is a beautiful clean, safe place with very friendly staff - staff at all levels)
28th to 30th October 2016
Mr and Mrs Joseph
A very warm and friendly environment. Excellent fabulous, good food with wonderful selection. Looking forward to visit more often. Enjoyed the care given.
20th to 25th October 2016
Peter Dart
Thank you we always appreciate and enjoy our stay here.
3rd to 24th October 2016
Wendy and Ingrid
A paradise
15th to 22nd October 2016
Please don't change your model. We want to come back.
1st to 8th October 2016
Joanne Finlay
Perfect Perfect. Perfect holiday. Everybody was fantastic. We will be back.
7th to 9th Cot 2016
Mrs.Sue Ellis
Thanks once again for a lovely weekend. Our family always enjoys our time here and we appreciate the child friendly atmosphere.
16th September 2016
Staff are excellent
3rd to 4th September 2016
Trevor Davis
We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and will be back.
19th to 21st August 2016
Tanya Brooke
Good value for money. Hidden gem on teh North Coast.
4th to 14th July 2016
Nigelo Floodgate
I could not fault this hotel. An excellent hotel with excellent staff. Maybe an electric heater as rooms can get cold at night in winter.
1st July to 8th July 2016
Thank you for Natalie and Vanessa - they were absolute stars and my children enjoyed every moment with them.
1st to 3rd July 2016
Love the Salt Rock Hotel been coming here for years. ............
24th June to 27th June
Management and staff went out of their way to accommodate our family's many needs.............
24th june to 2nd July 2016
Renate Murray
Play room is very nice........
27th June to 1st July 2016
Eric Parker
Play centre excellent
16th to 19th June 2016
Beautifully situated on teh beach front - Friendly and clean, safe and good food.
16th to 19th June 2016
Wonderful stay. Fantastic food. Thanks.........
17th to 19th June 2016
A very special place. Beautiful beaches and the tidal pool. Lovely for families. Old and young for relaxation for everyone.
16th June to 19th
Liz Somerville
We had a wonderful stay and were made to feel very welcome. See you next time.
20th May to 18th June 2016
Trevor Foster
Thank you all at Salt Rock  for an awesome holiday at a very special hotel, awesome beach location and consitency of good food.
28th Apr to 2nd May 2016
Casey Kotzenmacher
Our favourite place. I came here as a child and now I bring my son. So special! We'll be back for years to come.
11th to 13th March 2016
Mr & Mrs Appalsamy
Every staff that we engaged with, was very friendly. It was truly a good stay. Thanks and stay blessed.
4th to 8th March 2016
Daniel Tuval
Always a great pleasure to stay here. I am a regular for years and it feels like home!! Don't change!!
29/2 to 2nd March 2016
Well managed, well run, everyone pleasant and knbows what is needed.
5TH to 7th February 2016
Beautifulo setting. Friendly and helpful personnel. Very pleasant stay.
27th Dec to 6th January 2016
Lynn Pankovich
Staff very friendly, food divine - keep up the good effort
27th Dec to 5th Jan 2016
We love coming here it is all anyone single, couples or families would want and more thank you!
27th Dec to 6th Jan 2016
Carmen Douglas - Kilfoil
The family of staff is exceptional. We had a wonderful time - thank you!Overall a humble and practical fun place for a family holiday.
2nd to 4th Jan 2016
Marlise Van Eck
Very good staff. Queen the best waiter
26th to 30th December 2015
Lovely Hoiday stay
19th to 30th Dec 2015
Chris and Elsa Davel
Mac and Cheese for kids and us. From Debbie  and Dean right through to Cindy thanx was fantastic!!
3rd to 8th Jan 2016
Dirk Robinson
Love coming to your hotel. Staff are amazing. So friendly. Love it here.
27th Dec to 6th Jan 2016
Lynn Pavkovich
Excellent staff from PRO, reception staff reservations, manager to dining room. Waiters cleaners efficient and friendly. Awesome hotel
3rd to 10th January 2016
Stars - Cleverence and Raymond
18th to 23rd December 2015
Helen & Peter Wood
We have enjoyed our stay and would like to return in the near future. Our last visit here was over 30 years ago and much has changed.
17th to 23rd December 2015
Wish we could stay longer. Had a wonderful time.
17th to 23rd December 2015
Mr & Mrs Richards
A wonderful holiday
18th to 23rd December 2015
Mr & Mrs.J.Barry
The disco and the kids entertainment was really nice. Also the wine tasting - overall a lovely stay.
17th to 28th December 2015
Fee (Holly)
We had a lovely stay.
17th to 28th December 2015
Johan Kotze
Since 2008 we are regular customers in December. The service level 2008 to 2014 were excellent. 2015 we have received excellent service from Nichelle, Ragini, Siva, Thekoza, Debbie and Simpiwe
17th to 28th December 2015
Douglas Logos
Most friendly staff, especially Nichelle (Reception) Dean and team were tops.
18th to 19th July 2015
Francis Flowers
I love this place and its always a pleasure coming back to visit.
17th  to 19th July 2015
Devi Munroe
Overall a fantastic stay! Excellent, friendly service and lovely food. Apart from glitch with our first room which was quickly sorted out...we highly recommend the hotel.
15th June 2015
Sally Hater
Everything fantastic thank you.
15th June 2015
Fantastic stay.... wonderful food.
25th to 29th May 2015
The friendliest staff I ahve ever encounted! Want to come and stay for a couple of months.
7th to 12 May 2015
We love the treat him well and give lots of love to him.
8th to 11th May
Excellent venue + quality of care by staff for intimate get togethers.
10th May 2015
Sam Appalsamy
On behalf of my family, I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the management and staff for making excellent arrangements for Mothers Day lunch on Sunday. Meals and catering were excellent.
30th Apr to 4th May 2015
Norma Keenan
Thank you - please keep this establishment as teh wonderful "Old Family Jotel" it is.
25 Apr to 3rd May 2015
Joanne Jacob
The best stay! We just love it here every time we come. Thank You!!
30th Apr - 2nd May 2015
Debbie De Jager
Loved our stay so much.... thank you.
7th March to 8th March 2015
Excellent service... will always return
21st Feb - 7th March 2015
Lionel Beckett Kelly
Thank you for a wonderful holiday - value for money.. 9/10 well done
23rd Jan rto 25th Jan 2015
Lovely, clean and well managed hotel. Friendly staff - Purity was great!!!
5th Dec 2014
Lynne Bolzli
Thank you - we had a wonderful restfuly stay.
5th Dec 2014
Colin Kinnear
A huge thanks to Simon and the rest of the Salt Rock Hotel for sparing no effort to make our stay memorable.... Blessings!!
9th to 11th Jan 2015
Jenine Ryon
Wonderful stay - thank you!!
3rd to 8th Jan 2015
Martin Kuhlmann
We had a very relaxing stay - thank you for moving us from a very noisy room. The food, staff and management was great.
30th Dec to 6th Jan 2015
Eugene & Debi V/D Vyver
Our stay was amazing. It was like home away from home. We will be back. Thank you to your friendly staff.
27th Dec to 5th Jan 2015
Great family hotel and staff.
20th Dec to 4th Jan 2015
Brenda Ashman
Zulu massage excellent idea. Staff friendly and efficient.
19th to 23rd Dec 2014
We had a super time. Friendly efficient staff and great food. We will return.
17 to 28th Dec 2014
Lorraine Kotze
Thanks Nichelle at reception for great, friendly service you're simply the best. Sivo and Ragini love you lots and thanks for your special care. M, thank you for the lovely food.
17 to 19th December 2014
Anja Van Staden
Such a friendly and relaxing environment for a family. Thank you. see you again soon.
17th to 27th Dec 2014
Rene & Minelize, thank you for taking good care of our children and friendliness!! Also special thanks to Zodwa and Amanda for good service!
16th to 21st Dec 2014
Ester Hunt
Excellent stay - will definitely come back.
15th Dec to 21st Dec 2014
Samantha Steward
Excellent overall. Very relaxing. Food excellent and varied. Staff so kind ... thanks.
14th Dec to 20th Dec 2014
Thank you for an amazing stay. I would like to compliment your kids holiday club. My son enjoyed it. The girls were amazing, caring and full of energy!
10th Dec to 14th Dec 2014
Mr & Mrs Sanders
Everything and everyone absoulutely brilliant. Well done too to the excellent manager Cleverance - Brilliant.
19th to 21st December 2014
Monica Coetzee
Most delightful venue, proffesional, friendly staff - lovely quant venue.
14th to 20th December 2014
Thank you for the amazing stay. I would like to compliment your kids holiday club. My son enjoyed so much and the girls were amazing, caring and full of energy.
17th to 19th December 2014
Anjo Van Staden
Such friendly and relaxing environment for a family. Thank you and see you soon.
10th to 14th December 2014
Anton Saunders
Everything and everyone absolutely brilliant. Well done to the excellent manager Cleverance.
12th to 15th December 2014
The kids club was excellent.Rena did a greqat job  supervising our kids.
24th to 28th November 2014
Elizabeth Van Wyngaard
Definitely a place to return to.
29th to 30th November
Thobeka Dlamini
Super Star
28th to 30th November
Dewet Greyling
Thank you for a lovely time, worth every penny.
29th to 30th November 2014
Yves Lewis
A very enjoyable experience.
28th to 30th November 2014
Our stay was very relaxing and comfortable stay. We always book in this hotel. We love the secluded place. It always brings us back.
5th to 24 November 2014
Eben Steyn
A very pleasant stay, hope to see you soon.
5th to 9th Nov 2014
Megan Howard
We have been coming here for approx 15 years and the hotel is as wonderful as ever. This is largely because the staff are so friendly.
9th October 2014
Joan Wieve
Had a wonderful stay! Lovely time. Thank you.
7th October 2014
Ricky Niddrie / Seymour
Very accommodating staff extremely friendly, gardens remarkably well maintained.
4th October 2014
Leandi Du Plessis
Thank you for excellent service and the kids loved the activities. We have a loevely stay.
3rd Oct 2014
Denese Griffin
Had a wonderful time. Hope to be back next year.
25th September 2014
Madeleine Dick
Your staff was excellent
27th Aug to 3rd Sept 2014
Margaret Martin
Will put on web later. Outstanding hotel! Thank you for wonderful stay - will recommend to all.
5th to 7th September 2014
Margo Pitcher
Our weekend getaways are always enjopyable and relaxing. Quality and display of food is excellent.
5th to 7th Sept 2014
Nicci Wichmann
What a superb establishment!! And all your staff are amazing. Thank you.
22nd to 24th August 2014
Gail Van Rensburg
very relaxing, lovely setting, good all round experience
21st to 24th August 2014
Willemien Roos
3rd Time here. Always amazing and enjoyable. Deliscious food and friendly staff. Salt Rock Hotel Rocks.!!
15th to 18th August 2014
Mr & Mrts Westermeyer
Our first visit, we will be back.
15th to 25th August 2014
Grosset Jacques
Thank you very much to make that stay special. Thanks to all teh staff and to Mandisa who has that magic hands for massage.
27th to 28th August 2014
Nozipho Masinga
The stay was wonderful, friendlyness of staff is commendable. Will definitely recommend this place to my friends and colleagues.

Danica Johnsen
Thank you we enjoyed it a lot.
15th to 17th August 2014
Mr & Mrs Faught
An informative and well presented and displayed website. "Thank you" to all persons at Salt Rock Hotel. We enjoyed our stayand your hospitality.
14th to 18th August 2014
Claude & Ester Hunt
My husband and I have had an awesome stay. So much so, that we are returning in December.
5th to 9th August 2014
Colleen Roggins
A wonderful stay - will certainly recommend and hopefully be back!!
4th to 9th August 2014
Thank you very much I enjoyed my stay very much. It is beautiful and relaxing.
18th to 20th July 2014
Mrs.Annelize Carter
The best breakaway accommodation of the North Coast.
13th to 16th July 2014
Ken Landsdel
Very good overall experience
12th to 16th July 2014
Paul Brand
Nice friendly people and holiday - had a wonderful time and will be back.
14th to 16th July 2014
Tessa DeVilliers
Quality of service and attentiveness of staff of teh highest standard
13th to 17th June 2014
Mrs.G.French & Mrs. M.Cartimell
Top marks to all and everyone. We have just loved our first time here at Salt Rock.
13th to 16th June 2014
Ilse Potgieter
We really had a wonderful time during our stay & all your staff were so friendly and efficient with every conversation.
2nd June 2014 to 11th June 2014
William & Mitzi
We have enjoyed our hospitality for many years and will continue to visit Salt Rock Hotel.
26th to 27th July 2014
Sipho Conham
It was very nice being here, hopefully I will come back again soon. The staff have an amazing job, everything is perfect.
25th to 27th July 2014
Janet Simpkins
We have been so impressed with all aspects of the hotel, especially conference facilities, and all for competitive rates.
11th to 14th July 2014
Sonja Jing
Wonderful holiday. Very friendly and helpful staff.
10th to 14th july 2014
Mr & Mrs Somerville
We had a wonderful stay as always. Friendly, helpful staff. We always feel at home. Thanks for everything.
13th to 14th July 2014
Working and living abroad in teh hospitality industry, I've visitted many hotelss in the UAE. Your Buffet Breakfast is brilliant by comparison to some of the highly recommended hotels back in teh UAE. Keep up the good work.
30/05 to 02/06/2014
Lebogang Joy Stewart
If I had to do some changes honestly there wont be any because this hotel is good with every service they have to offer and they have friendly staff and managers.
30/05 to 02/05/2014
D.H. Moeng & Matshidiso
Thank you for your service, we feel at home at your place and hope you will continue doing that to all clients.
05/06 to 08/06/2014
Vinesh Singh
Thanking you for the hospitality & compliments to the chef. Well done.
06/06 to 08/06/2014
Margot Picher
Once again thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Highly recommended. Food is excellent, suggest new plate warmer!
01/06 to 04/06/2014
Overall it was a pleasure and value for money. Staff very friendly.
02/05 to 04/05/2014
Linda Van Niekerk
We had a great stay. It was our first weekend here and will return.

Love it here!!
02/05 to 04/05/2014
Michael Robert Nurie
Always a pleasure at this hotel. Everyone so very friendly, and we only come to Salt Rock Hotel. Thanks Again for a really great stay.
01/05 to 03/05/2014
Douglas Welsh
Great for families
01/05 to 04/05/2014
T.E.Van Eerden
Saturday music in the dining room was the highlight of our stay.
01/05/2014 to 02/05/2014
Johan Govender
Good service and friendly staff. Very nice environment for kids.
27/4 to 29/04/2014
Brendan Arazym
The waitress and watrons are brilliant at breakfast and dinner. The chef so helpful. Reception staff great. The kitchen staff friendly and helpful and the massage lady just rocks. 
27/04 to 03/05/2014
Verity Van Redin
Wonderful time!! Thank you to all teh superb staff.
17/04/2014 to 03/05/2014
Lynn Noble
Had a wonderful holiday.
13/4/14 to 15/4/2014
Mr & Mrs.Meer
Welcoming, friendly, helpful service from all members of staff. Will certainly return when we come back to SA. Thank you
26/03 to 30/03/2014
I enjoyed my stay and will defnitely come back again. Everything and everybody were just great.
21/03 to 28/03
Maria.L. Minnie
Thank you to all and everyone of the staff members and management.
28/03 to 06/04/2014
Dianne Gilchrist
A wonderful hotel! Very friendly staff!
28/03 to 05/04/2014
Very friendly staff service! A big thank you to Robin, Nokwasi for your excellent service!
29/03/2014 to 03/04/2014
Very friendly staff and excellent food.
1/4 to 3/4/2014
Jacqui Botha
Thank you especially for excellent service from Nathi and wonderfujl babysitting from Langa.
20th to 23td March 2014
Michael & Shirley Long
We will be back. How about a rewards incentive for regulars.
15th to 18th March 2014
Excellent service, excellent food, excellent rooms. Everything excellent. We will be back soon.
21st to 23rd March 2014
Had a fantastic weekend. Staff very friendly very accommodating. WOuld definitely return... Thanks.
17th to 20th March 2014
Lindiwe Ngubano
Thank you so much for the services that we received whilst we were hereas the Dept of Health. We wish wish to come again.
20th to 23rd March 2014
Shelldine Ferguson
There is a great staff compliment who are really dedicated, helpful and very friendly. The service was great from everyone - thank you.
8th March to 10th March 2014
Clive Jonnson
Enjoyed our stay. Looking to come back in December.
7th Feb to 3rd March 2014
Lionel Kelly
Very enjoyable stay thank you.
22nd February 2014
Mary J Barnsley
We love Salt Rock

Wayne Mcloes
Philisiwe is fantastic and extremel;y helpful.

Caitlin O'Sullivan
Thorouhghly enjoyed. Loved the staff.
15/02814 to 22/02/2014
Harold & Irene Botha
Most enjoyable - had a woinderful time!!
13th to 15th February 2014
Sue & Trevor Sherman
What an excellent hotel! We travel a great deal and are really impressed especially with your restaurant
7th to 10th February 2014
Des & Mrs S.D.Levin
Had a wonderful stay at the hotel.
31st Jan to 2nd February 2014
Sinethemba Dlala
I have to say Salt Rock Hotel blew me away. It was definitely more beautiful and just overall more than anything ever expected. So much so that I have taken brochures and will promote this lovely place.
31st Jan to 2nd February 2014
Connie Zerman
The entire hotel and staff was great, especially the staff - great sense of humor and always friendly.
31st Jan to 2nd Feb 2014

Excellent food & service
19th - 23rd January 2014
Very relaxing and stress free stay!!
22nd - 24th Jan 2014
Jan Joubert
Nice relaxing experience.
29th - 30th Dec 2013
Kerry Davis
Goodman was particularly accommodating and impressive
23rd Dec to 30th Ced 2013
Richard & Ania Freemantle
Thank you for an incredible holiday. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay! We will be back!!
28th Dec - 30th Dec 2013
Leon Engelbrecht
Real family hotel - friendly staff. GHood value for money.
12th Dec - 2nd Jan 2014
Excellent value for money holiday. Please look at the following. 1 - Kiddies corner. 2. More chairs at the swimming pool.
6th - 9th December 2013
Mellissa Combrink
Lungile was very helpful. Nce to have baby sitters. Staff were very good.
29th Nov to 5th Dec 2013
Megos Howard
As always, I loved every minute, Thnak You.
29th Nov to 5th December 2013
Allison Howard
Salt Rock Hotel & their staff are our "home from home" thank you.
7th to 8th December 2013
Vanessa Patterson
Service was absolutely amazing, From Sue, Simpiwe, Nathi, receptionist and waiting - well done!!
21st to 22nd November 2013
Boysie Mthembu
Excellent stay
18th to 22nd November 2013
Jan & Roxnie Pick
We found Peter at reception exceptionally helpful & friendly.
22nd to 24th November 2013
Enjoyed our stay very much
23rd to 24th November 2013
Terence Friend
Had a great time thank you.
18th top 24th November 2013
Daniel Tuvbal
Excellent - always love staying here, home away from home.

Gill Thomas
Had a lovely day thank you. Your staff are fantastic.
12th to 17th November 2013
Nita Van Nieuwburg
We had a very pleasant and enjoyable stay and would like to come back again.
8th to 14th November 2013
Staff amazingly friendly and helpful. Old style hotel not found anymore like this. Like staying on ocean liner, you want for nothing. Will come back next year. Food excellent.
5th to 8th November 2013
Brian & Pam Suckling
We love it here! The food is divine.... we would love some fresh line fish if possible though please!
7th to 10 November 2013
George & Cecile Kemp
Our stay is always pleasant and enjoyable. All your staff are incredible & very friendly! Thank you for room 613 too. Will visit again soon!
24th to 27th October 2013
Len Feinstein
Staff always go out of their way to make our stay fantastic specially John, Raymond, Ravi, Monty, Nichelle and Selvin.
21st to 25th October 2013
We brought International Delegates to a 5 day meeting here and are really proud that we came to this hjotel as it was a wonderful week and makes me proud to be South African.
16th to 21st October 2013
17th to 20th October 2013
Alvde Dube
This was a very excellent experience adventure and we enjoyed our stay.
19th to 20th October 2013
Unocar Construction Services
Very efficient, obliging frindly staff. Wonderful stay.
20th to 24th September 2013
Jessica Van Der Meer
I have enjoyed our stay, the friendliness and interaction of staff too wopuld definitely like to return in the future.
20th to 25th Sept 2013
Pleasantly surprised!! Got here as we could not find other accommodation. Will definitely return.
21st to 24th Sept 2013
Eunice Williams
Wonderful to see Raymond back in the dining room. A special relaxing holiday.
21st to 25th Sept 2013
Zaheea Ishmal
Chef Mo was awesome. The quality of food and service offered was that of far more than a 5 star experience. Due to the staff friendliness and professionalis we will be back.
24th Sept - 25th Sept
Fabulous in all respects.
22nd to 24th Sept 2013
Doris Mdodi
Excellent service Very good staff. Room very neat. Will be back.
21st to 24th September 2013
Thanks a lot for your hospitality. We really enjoyed ourselves. WOW!  To your beautiful rooms esp bathroom.
20th to 23rd September2013
Julian Van Dyk
Will be back every year. Keep up the fantastic work, very friendly staff. Congratulations.
21st to 24 Sept 2013
Arrival well welcomed by staff at reception area. Offered quick service. Room exceptionally clean and comfortable. Good Service offered at dining hall.
27th Sept to 29th Sept 2013
Gaynor Kast
Thank you for an incredible experience. The staff are 10/10 - such warmth, passion and friendliness. We will definitely be back.
2nd to 6th Oct 2013
EAC Mafeni
Good level of service and friendly staff.
6th October 2013
Samantha & Veras
Great service. Very tranquil environment.
4th to 6th Oct 2013
Tracy Jackson
We were here for a family reunion. Family ranging from 2.1/2 to 75 years. Everyone had a brilliant time.
20th to 23rd Sept 2013
Thabo Krasane
Salt Rocking my family. cannot wait to come visit again. December staff is great.
16th to 19th Sept 2013
Wonderful stay throughout.
7th to 8th Sept 2013
Gustav Venter
Excellent stay. Thank you very much.
30th Aug to 1st Sept 2013
I enjoyed my stay in your hotel keep it up.
30th Aug to 1st Sept 2013
I will certainly return and recommend this establishment to contacts and friends.
30th Aug to 1st Sept 2013
Excellent Service & good stay. Will definitely be back.
30th Aug to 1st Sept 2013
Brigid Barnes
I had a lovely experience. God bless you all, and thank you, thank you.
30th Aug to 1st Sept 2013
James Malchubu
The hotel has an excellent view of the ocean, very relaxing after a long working day.
31st Aug to 1st Sept 2013
Herselene Charles
This is our first was excellent. The staff is awesome, hospitable and wonderful with our grandchildren from London. Will definitely come back.
23rd to 25th August 2013
G.Van Blen
Great weekend. A getaway from Durban.
8th to 12th August 2013
Everything was first class
20th to 24th August 2013
Margaaret Scott
A very comfortable stayy. Staff were brilliant at all levels. Will return for another stay.
8th - 12th August 2013
Everything was first class.
15th to 17th June 2013
The Groblers
We came here for our honeymoon 9 years ago and have come back every year for our Anniversary. Tells you how fantastic Salt Rock Hotel is.
20th to 24th March 2013
Hayley Mayor
Tsokozola was amazing. Lovely guy an assett to your staff compliment!! All other staff were very pleasant.
17th to 20th March 2013
Really very impressed with facilities and professional staff. WIll certainly recommend Salt Rock as preferred accommodation.
17th March 2013
Victor Chiconela
This place is a real paradise on earth, it's lovely... I wish I would come back again.
Christo & Averic MacKeurtan
Just to commend the hotel staff for outstanding service and procedures. This is a 5 star hotel in everyway. Thanks for the superb stay.
Mr & Mrs.P.J.Baben
WWhat a pleasure to spend a fantastic holiday in an old school hotel. Will definitely visit again and recommend this hotel.
Lionel Kelly
So enjoyed our stay - keep up the good work.
30/11 to 2nd december 2012
Leon Fourie
Thank you for excellent service and your friendly hospitality.
23rd to 24th November
Thulani Nosela
Every thing was excellent.
26/10 to 29th October 2012
Elain Van Schoor
Enoyable stay especially music on Friday night and Sunday Lunch - Well done!
16th to 28th October 2012
Mr & Mrs Willis
Excellent value for money and excellent meals. Mandiso at teh SPA was excellent. We enjoyed our stay. Thank you.
16th - 28th October 2012
Mr & Mrs.Grobler
We did not have one criticism!! The food was truly excellent,varied menu. The staff (everyone) very friendly and efficient.
26th to 28th October 2012
Mr & Mrs.Somerville
This is our 4th stay this year and as always we had a great time. The staff are excellent and we are made to feel very welcome whenever we come back. Thanks so much.
19th to 21st October 2012
Monique Robinson
Very friendly staff.... good food!!
20th to 21st October 2012
Melanie Esterhuyse
Very nice, will tell others about it.
October 2012
Alan Nicholson
The management and staff of Salt Rock made my daughter's wedding most memorable... thank you!
30/09/2012 - 6/10/2012
Khaline Wessels
Luxury with a homely atmosphere. Luscious, well kept gardens. Tasty, hearty meals. Service with a smile. Helpful staff, entertainment for the kids. All of this at an affordable price. Almost unheard of. Salt Rock, rocks! This was the first of hopefully many visits to come! Best wishes,
05/10/2012 - 07/10/2012
We had a wonderful stay. Thank you!
05/10/2012 - 07/10/2012
Jabulani Sydney

Linda Gyre
Thank you for a great stay.
11/09/2012 to 13/09/2012
Michael Parker
Really impressed, good old traditional hotel in perfect surrounds.
11/09/2012 to 13/09/2012
Jacqueline Zeiss
Friendly, homely atmosphere. Would definitely come back.
31/08 to 02/09

Generally the standard is high and should be kept as much.
31/08 to 02/09
Tim Ellis
Having small children. Really apprecaite your family oriented service!!
20/08 to 26/08
J.H. & J.P.Bentley
Our stay was superb. Thank you to all the staff.
25/08 to 26/08
Marlene Van Niekerk
Thank you for a wonderful stay.
24/08 to 26/08
Excellent holiday destination. Very convenient facilities, very friendly environment and staff. Unbelievable sea views and night on the beach.
24/08 to 26/08
Very enjoyable stay.